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Twelve Minutes Game Play Online for Free

Twelve Minutes is a sci-fi detective game that locks the main hero in a time loop as he tries to figure out what happened to his wife’s father many years ago. Is his wife really guilty of his death? And can he avoid his own death that seems to happen over and over again during the twelve minutes of the gameplay? That’s what you’re about to figure out as you move through the alternative versions of the plot!

Every detail matters!

Despite the cyclical presentation of the plot, the narrative is quite linear, although it has ramifications that lead to several endings – some of them leave the hero in a loop, others allow him to get out of it one way or another. It is worth noting that the game is full of symbolism – for example, after leaving the elevator, we are greeted by a floor that refers to Kubrick, and pictures that will play a role in the plot. Throughout the game, the protagonist will be haunted by two images: the watch, which is not just an element of the plot and the yardstick of the game session written right in the menu, and the flowers, which keep the terrible truth to the last and are the key to everything. Literally, when at the beginning of the game you observe the room from the first person view, you see the key to the apartment, which also has a flower symbol. However, shrewd players will also pay attention to the pictures that change in the course of the plot and reflect the emotional state of the hero and his attitude to the family and his wife.

Get out of the time loop!

The main character is free to move around the apartment, interact with objects and place some of them in his inventory, as well as choose lines in dialogues. Initially, everything resembles Hello Neighbor when you just study the locations and try to figure out what to do with the objects, and then try to build the necessary sequence, having previously explored the environment. For example, realizing that it’s not so easy to kill the cop (here we must pay tribute to the game, it is quite logical, for the most part, it cuts off the most obvious solutions to the situation), you can examine the apartment and find a faulty switch. Then you can set up a trap by forcing your wife falling asleep in an unlit bedroom and thus pushing the stranger to flip the switch, which will lead to a short circuit. As a result, the cop will briefly lose consciousness, and it will be possible to tie him up, rummage in his pockets, look at the phone and stuff like that.

By the way, disrupting the course of the narrative, knowing in advance what is where and for what purpose, will also not work out very well, since without hearing the necessary information, the hero will not be able to ask the right questions, and it is his actions that move the story forward most of the time. Although, here the creators made a little joke, since even inaction can lead to one of the endings. There are in total three courses of actions that will lead you to a happy ending where you get out of the time loop and don’t die. Which ones? Play Twelve Minutes online and find out!

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