For Two

About the title

Twelve Minutes has made quite a lot of noise lately. By sending the player into a cleverly built time loop, it gives you a great opportunity to experience many different stories (or rather versions of the same story) replaying it over and over again. But now it’s even better because you can actually play Twelve Minutes for two with your friend!

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At first glance, the gameplay seems sketchy. Top view, inventory for items, and situational puzzles associated with their combination. However, the mechanics in Twelve Minutes encourage creative thinking. For example, during the next loop, you may notice that the wife drinks a glass of water before dinner. In the future, it will be possible to add sleeping pills to it, and this action will open a new part of the story.

The piquancy of the gameplay is also added by the fact that not so many things are scattered around the hero’s apartment (you cannot leave it). Some are obviously useful (a knife in the kitchen or a gift in the bedroom), but most are in an intriguing gray area. What can a photo on a refrigerator give me? How can I use the fact that my wife is reading a meditation book? What happens if I dial 911 on the phone? Why do I need to unscrew the ventilation grill and how can I do it? In addition, the interaction format also includes a wife and a stranger. You can and should communicate with them, you will find a lot of interesting things in their pockets.

Together, it will be easier to discover all the important details and get to the bottom of what is going on. You will be able to team up and combine your efforts in investigating this mysterious case. It’s always good to put your heads together, especially when you have to get involved in such an intricate detective story! Enjoy Twelve Minutes for two and see if you can find out the truth about the murder of your wife’s father!

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