About the title

Like every game with several alternative endings, Twelve Minutes has to encourage players somehow to check out all of them and keep replaying the game even if they were lucky to hit a good ending at the first attempt. And it does it with the help of achievements. You get them for reaching any of the seven endings available in the game. Three of them will lead you straight to the final, while the rest will send you to a certain moment in the plot or leave you in the time loop.

Similiar games

One of the hardest achievements is ‘Gardener.’ To get it, you need to grow three flowers on the plant. They appear when you get an ending that returns you into the time loop. During each cycle, you need to water the plant from the cup. Don’t forget to do that! This will also give you another achievement, ‘Humidity.’

There are also three achievements connected with the pictures on the walls. ‘Fawn’ is awarded by looking at the picture in the bedroom in all of its versions. At the beginning of the game, you’ll see a couple standing on the balcony, surrounded with white flowers. After the ninth cycle, the two will be standing together, and there will be no flowers. After the first scene with the father, you’ll see a lonely man with a monster in the background.

Another picture is handing over the couch. It will be changing according with the change of the seasons as you move through the cycles of the game. Finally, you will also get an achievement for studying all versions of the picture hanging by the window in the living room. Depicting an egg at first, it will then add the image of an eye and eventually a snake biting its own tail. Hopefully, you’ll be able to unlock all the achievements in Twelve Minutes and enjoy the process of passing multiple alternatives of the same events over and over again!

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