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About the title

You probably heard that Twelve Minutes has several endings depending on the course of action you choose and the decisions you make. In total, there seven of them, but only three will lead you to final credits. We will now tell you about them and how to achieve them.

Similiar games

The first one is called ‘Alone.’ Here you need to get into the bathroom. Make sure that your wife leaves it and close the door behind you, otherwise you won’t be able to learn the truth. Now check under the first aid’s kit – you’ll find a vent hole where the watch is hidden. Just look at them and everything will gradually fade into a scene between you and your wife’s father. There will be a dialogue between you, and you’ll have to choose one of two possible replies. You can either answer that you love your wife and want to stay together with her no matter what. Or you can decide that perhaps you would be better off on your own. The first answer will return you into the time loop while the second will finish the game.

There is another ending called ‘Continue.’ By pressing the corresponding button in the main menu, you’ll get into a hall where there are no doors except yours. Go to the apartment and open it with the key from your inventory. Then repeat the scene in the bathroom. However, to get this ending, you’ll have to work with a mediation book read by your wife until you receive a particular quote from her. During the conversation with her father, you can click on the book that will be located on the shelf behind you to repeat this quote for him without choosing the rest of the dialogue options. He will be shocked that you read the book, but he also will tell you a way to forget everything.

Finally, the third ending is called ‘Attentiveness.’ When you enter the bathroom and start the dialogue with your wife’s father, your goal is to make it last long enough to see a big hand strike twelve on the watch behind him. This ending also requires you to read the meditation book. After the conversation between you and her father starts, wait patiently until it runs out. Then click on the book behind you and right after it, click on the watch. Keep looking at them until they strike 12. The father will start a new dialogue explaining that you have to move forward which will lead you to the credits. Hopefully, this information will help you successfully get out of the time loop playing Twelve Minutes and avoid a grim fate!

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