Twelve Minutes 2

About the title

This story starts on an ordinary evening, when our hero returns to his apartment, where his loving wife is already waiting for him, having prepared a dessert and a gift designed to get her spouse ready for the fact that their family will be replenished. However, such an idyll doesn’t last long, and the doorbell, accompanied by a knock and a demand to open the door to the police, destroys the whole atmosphere.

An unknown man, who introduced himself as a police officer and claims to have a warrant, accuses his wife of killing her father 8 years ago and demands that she give him some watch. As an argument for persuasion, the cop begins to strangle the main character and the latter loses consciousness exactly at the moment when the wife has to name the location of the unfortunate item.

Having come to his senses, the hero discovers that he has returned 10 minutes ago, his wife again informs him about the dessert, and the thunderclaps on the street, foreshadowing a downpour, have not yet been heard. Here start your attempts to find out what is going on, who is this policeman, what secrets the wife is hiding, and what the protagonist has to do with the watch over and over again going through the same evening. One time he unsuccessfully tries to stab the stranger, but gets hit in the head, another time he brings his wife to hysterics with his questions, he wants to call 911, but finds out that help will arrive only 15 minutes later, he tries to leave the apartment, but thus renews the loop again…

In constant efforts to end this evening, the hero begins to think outside the box and gradually find out what happened 8 years ago and what a stranger, posing as a policeman, but ready to kill during interrogation wants from them – and the truth that he learns doesn’t bring him joy or relief, on the contrary, it would be better for him to continue to remain in blissful ignorance… Are you ready to find out it? Then play Twelve Minutes 2 right now!

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