Twelve Minutes Horror

About the title

A time loop, a deliberately unnamed protagonist, shifting points of view and a constant desire to ask, ‘What’s going on?!’ – all this is about a new detective horror game called Twelve Minutes. At the same time, the developers don’t try to seem smart and tell an everyday (and incredibly sad) story that can be explained without palindromes and quantum physics. One night you get a last guest who says he is a police officer, but behaves suspiciously aggressively.

It quickly turns out that a hostile stranger came to your house for a reason. He was a friend of the hero’s wife’s father, and she is the only suspect in his murder. Things get out of hand, and the main character is killed, but instead of dying, he returns in time just before the cop’s arrival. Apparently, he has to relieve the whole story over and over again until he finds a way out.

The script for Twelve Minutes is filigree. The closer to the finale, the more questions for each of the characters arise. And the game doesn’t provide specific answers almost until the credits, limiting itself to hints, awkward pauses and storylines, many of which deliberately lead nowhere. Along the way, Twelve Minutes offers so many bizarre details that the denouement feels like a cherry on the cake, while the main pleasure is the process.

Every time you do something differently, the whole course of events will change. And that makes you wonder what else can happen in this house. Your confusion and suspicions will mount as you open up more and more alternative versions of the story. And when you finally learn the truth, it may be the end of your marriage. Play Twelve Minutes online and see for yourself!

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