Twelve Minutes Android

About the title

The time loop is a fairly popular topic. It is understandable – it’s the simplest implementation of the notorious Groundhog Day that allows you to relive events that have already happened in a new way. How the main character of 12 Minutes got into this very loop, we are not told. After returning home to the company of his beloved wife, he very soon had to change his plans for the evening.

The couple is visited by an uninvited turns who introduced himself as a policeman. The wife is immediately arrested, which smoothly turning into a cruel interrogation, and then the inevitable – the death of the protagonist at the hands of the same stranger. This whirlwind of events fits into ten minutes, after which everything starts anew. After the death, a repetition of what we have gone through awaits: the same apartment, the same conversations with the wife, the same interrogation, another murder… Or not? What if you act differently?

Is it possible to avoid the tragedy and find a clue to the strange and confusing story, which, as it turns out in the course of each restart, became the reason for what was happening in the apartment on this terrible evening? This question is of course rhetorical – video games differ from, for example, movies where we are just observers. In 12 Minutes, however, the freedom of directly participating in the events has a narrow framework – for example, you will not be able to escape from the apartment (when leaving the door, a new attempt starts automatically), and the number of objects with which the character can interact is very modest.

The key here will be information obtained through conversations. The protagonist has few interlocutors: his wife, a murderer policeman and a couple of contacts in the telephone directory. Although the scenarios are prewritten, in each alternative future we have a new version of the replies. You also need to look for objects, combine them with each other, try to apply them in various situations and see what happens in the end, not forgetting that the time for the next attempt is limited, and some events will occur at a specific moment, regardless of your actions. Play Twelve Minutes on Android and see if you can figure it all out!

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