Twelve Minutes 2021

About the title

One of the things that made this indie game so hot overnight is that the characters were voiced by James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe. But this is not the only advantage of Twelve Minutes 2021. This game can also boast an intriguing and mysterious plot that includes a detective story and one of the favorite sci-fi tricks – a time loop.

The fact is that every 12 minutes an unnamed policeman will knock on your house: he will interrogate your (you play as a man) wife about some pocket watch, but she doesn’t know anything like that. In the end, the cop kills everyone. The cycle repeats, you are stuck in a time loop, and it seems that only you know about its existence. In your next clash with the police officer, he will accuse your wife of killing her father – the truth (or lies) about her past will act like a fly in the ointment, in portions, until you realize that you are not only stuck in a noose, but also fell into a detective.

To get out, the characters will use the space around them in a new way, more and more inventive – the props are identical, the scenario for handling them is always different. In Twelve Minutes, everything is exactly the same: about 20-25 times you will prowl around the apartment in search of items to stop an uninvited cop. There is a hidden telephone in the closet, a knife by the sink, and the electrical wiring in the bedroom.

To be honest, in this game you have two enemies at once. It is important to outwit not only the uninvited guest, but also the one who lives in the apartment: you need to go through the wife’s drawer, look through her photographs, ask annoying questions about her past and whether it’s true that her father died of a heart attack, as she has been saying all eight years of your joint life.There are no more than twenty interactive objects in the game, but the combination of their use can be multiplied at times.

The entire atmosphere is in line with the mood of the story. The soundtrack knows how to engage in dramatic and important moments and move into quiet ambient in the background, which supports the dynamics well. So if you want not only to plunge into a thrilling fantastic adventure, but also savor the peculiarity of the gameplay, you definitely shouldn’t miss Twelve Minutes 2021!

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